TLC Preschool

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who owns and operates TLC?

A: Dana Dahm is the owner and operator of TLC Preschool.

Q: Is TLC licensed?

A: Yes!  We are licensed through the state of California.  Our license number is 434407289.

Q: How long has TLC been around?

A: TLC was started in September 2002 as a parent co-op.  It was originally named TaDa Learning Club.  It has since been shortened to TLC Preschool.

Q: How did TLC start?

A: Dana received her Bachelor of Arts in 1989 and earned her K-12 Multiple Subjects Credential. She taught for seven years in the Cupertino Union School District before choosing to stay at home to raise her two children. As a creative outlet, Dana and a friend designed and sold homemade educational activity packets for children. She built a reputation for herself in the local community by giving creative and inspirational presentations to local mother's groups, preschools, and church groups on activities to do with children. 

Dana moved to Gilroy in 2000, but could not find a preschool that offered the right balance of nurturing, fun and education. She started a parent co-op, and after a year, realized how much she missed teaching preschoolers, and decided to continue. Today, the school has 4 teachers (including Dana).

Q: Tell me about the staff at TLC.

A: The TLC staff has all had extensive experience working with children.  In addition to Dana, another teacher on staff is fully credentialed and worked in the Oakgrove School District as a 1st grade teacher. They have worked in other preschools, taught Sunday School, worked at Vacation Bible Schools and directed the children's choir.  We also have a teacher on staff who is a former fire fighter.  She was responsible for doing educational field trips and assemblies for schools.  She also is a CPR/First Aid instructor with the Red Cross.  All of our staff is CPR/First Aid trained.

Q: What is the teacher/student ratio?

A: We have a minimum of 2 teachers on site at all times.  We take a maximum of 12 preschoolers  for each class.

Q: Are you an academically based preschool?

A: We believe in a balanced program.  We do stress academics but equally important to us is the creative and social sides of preschool.  We do testing on our 4 year olds three times a year in order to test for kindergarten readiness.  We do a letter a week and integrate theme based activities based on that letter.

Q: Field Trips?

A: We do take field trips.  Parents are required to either come with us or assign their child to another parent for the field trip.  We do not drive the kids to the field trips.  Some examples of field trips we have done in the past are: the Pumpkin Patch, an apple farm, a dentist office, a play, a restaurant tour, a piano concert, etc.  We strive to give a varied experience for our preschool program.

Q: What is TLC's philosophy on discipline?

A: We believe in a positive discipline approach. We also believe in open communication with parents.

Q: Christian preschool...hmmm...what does that mean?

A: We offer a weekly bible-based activity and story with the children.  We also pray before we eat snack.  We are not pushy and have had many people from a variety of backgrounds love the program.

Q: What about snacks and cooking?

A: We provide the snack.  We do cooking once a week.  It is always based on our theme or the letter for the week. We tailor the program to accommodate known allergies.